Catch Documentation System

Artisanal fishermen in remote areas often struggle to earn a legal, living wage for their fishing catch. Traceall Global in partnership with the WWF, in their quest to help these fishermen, developed a mobile, cloud based data capture solution which records details of their catch via a mobile device.

Developed in partnership with the WWF, and launched in the Philippines, CDS was created to provide full traceability throughout the supply chain and enable small fishing fleets to legally record details on their catch including species of fish caught, size, weight, when it was caught, where it was caught and what vessel it was caught in.

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Smart Asset Monitoring Solutions (SAMs): Tracking, Monitoring and Analytics

Delivering real-time, web-based monitoring of customised variables including temperature, humidity, impact, purchase activity and maintenance status.

Supplier Exchange: Supplier Visibility

Our web-based software system has been developed to manage suppliers and auditing ensuring product safety management, full traceability and brand protection.

Fish Trace: Fish Traceability and Monitoring Solutions

Providing full traceability across all fishing activities to monitor the catch.

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