SeaObserver is an Onboard Camera Surveillance System offering the complete solution to governmental monitoring, surveillance and real-time catch data transmitting digital quality video by satellite.

     — Transhipments of fish are detected electronically and monitored via proximity sensor activation and live video sending data by satellite back to shore.

     — Fuel transhipments can be detected and monitored in real-time and info will be sent by satellite back to shore.

     — Specially designed CCTV cameras which can be used for daylight and low light applications.

     — Vessel position recording monitors legality of fishing activity.

     — All data is recorded in high definition digital quality and viewed in real-time.

     — Vessel speed and heading data is displayed in comprehensive graph format via the control box software.

     — Laser active scaling and measurement reduces the fatigue of measuring each individual species on playback, ultimately reducing time and effort.

     — Optical recognition technology and algorithms calculate the volumes and species caught electronically.

     — Populates the e logbook automatically which means there is no captain or crew manual intervention required.

     — ERS (Electronic Reporting System) integration available to provide full data analysis for Governmental control of fisheries.

     — Clear audit trail providing full catch details for legal monitoring.

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Smart Asset Monitoring Solutions (SAMs): Tracking, Monitoring and Analytics

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Supplier Exchange: Supplier Visibility

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