Solar Tracker

With 95% of the world's fishing fleet being artisanal vessels, larger and more sophisticated management and traceability technology solutions are now suitable. Traceall Global's Solar Powered Tracking Unit is specifically designed for small scale fisheries automatically collecting and delivering key data around fleet tracking and activity monitoring.

Addressing the lack of on-boat power, our Solar Powered Tracking System is powered by the sun thus making this affordable and easy-to-install unit suitable for the thousands of vessels fishing off the more remote coastlines.

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Smart Asset Monitoring Solutions (SAMs): Tracking, Monitoring and Analytics

Delivering real-time, web-based monitoring of customised variables including temperature, humidity, impact, purchase activity and maintenance status.

Supplier Exchange: Supplier Visibility

Our web-based software system has been developed to manage suppliers and auditing ensuring product safety management, full traceability and brand protection.

Fish Trace: Fish Traceability and Monitoring Solutions

Providing full traceability across all fishing activities to monitor the catch.

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