Smart Asset Monitoring Solutions (SAMs): Tracking, Monitoring and Analytics

SAMs Supply Chain Monitoring

Do you have a complete understanding of your full supply chain?

Do you know how your assets travel through your supply chain and know where they are at every point in the journey?

Do you know if your supply chain process is performing?

Using sophisticated state-of-art sensor technology, we can help map your supply chain and provide you with real-time business analytics and visibility of your entire supply chain.

SAMs Asset and Product Monitoring

Does your business face issues such as:

     — Missing or stolen products/assets

     — Damaged products e.g.

          — Mould or condensation build up

          — Leakage

          — Product spoilage

     — Damaged packaging

Our Smart Asset Monitoring solutions (SAMs) will track and monitor your assets in real-time for

Location Impact Speed Movement Door Open/Door Close (Sales)
Temperature Co2 Asset Performance Energy Product Quality
Humidity Ethanol Power Product Planograms Equipment Performance

With instant SMS and email alerting functionality, long life back-up battery, easy to install state-of-the-art sensor technology, this affordable solution can help protect your assets and provide total control and visibility of your supply chain. Our business analytics will enable you to monitor maintenance schedules, plan sales activity and develop future predictions for your business.

Download our asset monitoring solution PDF.

SAMs Vehicle and Telematics Monitoring

Our SAMs vehicle and telematics monitoring solutions provide real-time information about your vehicles via a simple web based platform or App.

We can provide monitoring for

Location Driver Behaviour GeoFencing Fuel Monitoring
Idling Driver Identification Speed Mileage

This information will enable you to:

     — Manage and monitor your entire vehicle fleet

     — Ensure your vehicles are in the correct location and driven within the correct zones

     — Monitor driver behaviour

     — Confirm driver identify prior to vehicle being driven

     — Monitor elements such as idling, speeding, fuel usage

Download our vehicle and telematics monitoring solution PDF.

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Smart Asset Monitoring Solutions (SAMs): Tracking, Monitoring and Analytics

Delivering real-time, web-based monitoring of customised variables including temperature, humidity, impact, purchase activity and maintenance status.

Supplier Exchange: Supplier Visibility

Our web-based software system has been developed to manage suppliers and auditing ensuring product safety management, full traceability and brand protection.

Fish Trace: Fish Traceability and Monitoring Solutions

Providing full traceability across all fishing activities to monitor the catch.

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