Supplier Exchange: Supplier Visibility

Traceability has become a 'buzz word' for the Food Processing and Retail sectors over the last 3 years as consumers and regulation bodies such as the Food Standards Authority are putting pressure on businesses to detail the provenance of the items we consume. Consumers are demanding accurate information around whether the food and beverage they consume was ethically sourced and are concerned about the welfare of the animals or fish before they were killed.

Traceall Global has developed Supplier Exchange, a full field to fork/net to plate traceability solution that provides YOU with complete visibility of your supply chain. It allows your company to create and maintain quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability standards.

Cost effective, time saving and tailored to each client's KPI requirements, we can make your staff and systems work better for your business.

By tracing, tracking and monitoring your supply chain you can give suppliers and end customers the confidence that what they are buying is legal, safe, sustainably killed and credible. It can help mitigate risks associated with contamination and food safety, enabling a company to react quickly should an issue arise or prevent it before it even happens.

Benefits currently being achieved from our clients Jamie Oliver and Selfridges include:

     — Full traceability of all suppliers within the supply chain

     — Increase number of suppliers by up to 100%

     — Increase number of suppliers by up to 100%

     — Reduce the time required to on-board a supplier by up to 75%

     — Reduce the time for entry, validation and signature approval of product specifications by 50%

     — Reduce the number of off-site audits by 25%

     — Manage quality alerts in less than an hour

"Working with Traceall Global since 2011, we have created a unique supplier and specification management system that meets the complex and rapidly changing nature of our growing Global Business. JOSIE has become integral into everything we do! It provides us with information and full traceability across our range of suppliers, products, franchisees and the full suite of products and ingredients. JOSIE provides the traceability and information we need to ensure we remain a fully sustainable business".

Daniel Nowland, Head of Technical at Jamie Oliver Ltd

Smart Asset Monitoring Solutions (SAMs): Tracking, Monitoring and Analytics

Delivering real-time, web-based monitoring of customised variables including temperature, humidity, impact, purchase activity and maintenance status.

Supplier Exchange: Supplier Visibility

Our web-based software system has been developed to manage suppliers and auditing ensuring product safety management, full traceability and brand protection.

Fish Trace: Fish Traceability and Monitoring Solutions

Providing full traceability across all fishing activities to monitor the catch.

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